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Witch´s Bile


Effect: Your saliva immediately turns into a corrosive acid that does 1D6 + (QL) damage points to a target you spit at within 3 yards. This acid does not harm the caster. You do not have to use another action to spit after casting the spell (spitting is included in the casting time). If the opponent doesn’t defend, the spitting attack hits automatically. Spitting counts as a ranged attack with a missile weapon and can be blocked or dodged. PRO reduces damage as per the normal combat rules. Witch’s Bile inflicts structure damage on shields and other items it hits.

Casting Time: 1 Action

AE Cost: 4 AE (you cannot use a modification on this spell's cost)

Range: Self

Duration: Immediate

Target Category: Creatures

Property: Transformation

Traditions: Witch

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 299