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The Tradition of the Church of Hesinde

  • Blessed Ones of Hesinde receive a bonus of 1 for Perception checks to spot illusions.
  • Clear Mind: The Blessed One reduces the effect of the condition Confusion by one level (treat Confusion II like Confusion I, and so on). You still suffer incapacitation at Level IV of Confusion.
  • Blessed Ones of Hesinde must adhere to their Church’s moral code (Principles)—see below. You must take this disadvantage if you want to play a Blessed One of the Church of Hesinde.
  • Favored Skills: Alchemy, Animal Lore, Astronomy, Geography, History, Law, Magical Lore, Math, Mechanics, Myths & Legends, Perception, Persuasion, Plant Lore, Religions, Sphere Lore, Willpower
  • The primary attribute of the Tradition is Sagacity.

Prerequisites: Advantage Blessed One

AP Value: 130 AP


Publication: Core Rules page 319