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Hidden Aura

Rules: While using this ability, your magical talent remains completely hidden from undirected magical perception. Hiding from directed attempts to determine if you have magical abilities requires a successful Willpower check. Checks for liturgical chants or clairvoyance spells cast on a character for this purpose suffer a penalty equal to one-third of the character’s Willpower check SP (at least 1). You can neither cast spells nor sustain cast spells while cloaking your aura. You can combine Hide Aura with the advantage Hidden Aura. Using this special ability requires 1 action, and it can be temporarily halted by the spellcaster (this also requires one action). Turning off Hide Aura inflicts one level of the condition Confusion on the spellcaster. The effect ends when the spellcaster deactivates Hide Aura, falls asleep, or receives the condition Unconscious.

Requirements: COU 13, INT 13

AP Value: 20 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 284