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Half Elves

AP Value: 0 adventure points

Life Point Base Value: 5

Spirit Base Value: - 4

Toughness Base Value: - 6

Movement Base Value: 8

Attribute Adjustments: an Attribute of your choice +1

Common Cultures: Andergastan, Bornlander, Firnelf, Glade Elf, Horasian, Middenrealmer, Nivese, Northern-Aventurian, Nostrian, Svelter, Thorwaler, Wood Elf

Common Advantages: Ambidextrous, Aptitude (Singing, Music), Beautiful Voice, Contortionist, Darksight I, Exceptional Sense (Hearing or Sight), Good Looks, Nimble, Spellcaster, Two-Voiced Singing

Common Disadvantages: Sensitive Nose, True Name

Uncommon Advantages: Difficult to Enchant, Dwarf’s Nose

Uncommon Disadvantages: Fat, Frenzy,Susceptible to Disease

Core Rules, page 92