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Size: 5 to 7 feet tall, depending on the source body

Weight: 60 to 80 pounds, depending on source body

COU 20 SGC 10 (a) INT 10 CHA 11 DEX 8 AGI 11 CON 11 STR 13

LP 14 AE - KP - INI 8+1D6

DO 6 SPI - TOU –1 MOV 8

Unarmed: AT 10 PA 4 DP 1D6 RE short

Long Sword AT 11 PA 6 DP 1D6+4 RE medium

Short Bow: RC 10 RT 1 DP 1D6+4 RA 10/50/80

Light Crossbow: RC 10 RT 8 DP 1D6+6 RA 10/50/80

PRO/ENC 0/0 or depending on armor

Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Sensitive to Sunlight (in effect even though skeletons cannot suffer from Pain—see Undead Rules)

Special Abilities: none

Skills: Body Control 2 (11/11/11), Climbing 4 (20/11/13), Feat of Strength 4 (11/13/13), Intimidation 6 (20/10/11), Perception 4 (10/10/10), Self-Control—(always successful), Stealth 4 (20/10/11), Swimming—(no check possible, skeletons cannot swim), Willpower—(always successful)

Number: 1, or 1D6+1 (skeleton horde)

Size Category: medium

Type: Undead (Mindless), humanoid

Creation Difficulty: 0

Loot: Bones, maybe also weapons, shields, and armor

Combat Behavior: Skeletons follow their summoners’ commands and are often used as mindless workers or guards. Free skeletons have a hatred for everything that lives, and usually attack once they become aware of a target.

Escape: Skeletons do not flee. They fight to the bitter end, without regard for their own survival.

Magical Lore (Magical Creatures)

  • QL 1: Skeletons fight to the bitter end.
  • QL 2: Daggers, fencing weapons, and ranged weapons deal little damage against skeletons.
  • QL 3+: Skeletons only attack living targets but can be fooled easily (if you play dead, they ignore you and move on).

Special Rules

Impervious to Daggers, Fencing Weapons, and Ranged Weapons: Daggers, fencing weapons, and ranged weapons (with the exception of throwing daggers and spears) inflict only half DP against skeletons. However, weapons consecrated to a god of death inflict full damage (not double damage) in this case.

Susceptible to Impact Weapons and Two-Handed Impact Weapons: Impact weapons and two-handed impact weapons inflict double DP (after subtracting PRO) against skeletons. Weapons consecrated to gods of death inflict four times normal damage (instead of double damage).

Extremely Sensitive to Sunlight: skeletons in direct sunlight suffer 1 DP (ignoring PRO) per CR.

Pack: Skeletons attacking the same opponent receive +1 AT (no more than +2 AT) per skeleton involved after the first.

Skeleton Type: The stats mentioned above are for an average human skeleton. Other types of skeletons might possess other stats and abilities.

Undead Rules: Skeletons use the general undead rules.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 77