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Size: About 3 to 4 feet tall

Weight: 15 to 20 pounds

COU 15 SGC 14 INT 15 CHA 15 DEX 12 AGI 13 CON 12 STR 8

LP 20 AE 100 KP - INI 14+1D6

DO 6 SPI 6 TOU 3 MOV 7

Unarmed: AT 10 PA 5 DP 1D6

RE short


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Negative Trait (Curiosity), True Name

Special Abilities: Feint II (Unarmed)

Skills: Body Control 8 (13/12/12), Climbing 3 (15/13/8), Commerce 5 (14/15/15), Empathy 8 (14/15/15), Fast-Talk 4 (15/15/15), Feat of Strength 0 (12/8/8), Intimidation 3 (15/15/15), Perception 10 (14/15/15), Self-Control 4 (15/15/12), Stealth 14 (15/15/13), Swimming 0 (13/12/8), Willpower 8 (15/15/15)

Spells: Axxeleratus 16 (14/15/12), Motoricus 12 (14/12/8), Visibili 12 (14/15/12), and others from Tradition (Kobold)

Number: 1, or 1D3+1 (kobold family; rare), or 1D6+6 (extended kobold family; very rare)

Size Category: small

Type: Supernatural Creature, humanoid

Loot: none

Combat Behavior: Kobolds do not fight physically, but they sometimes kick and bite. They know a surprising number of spells to avoid combat or transform it into a farce.

Escape: individual

Magical Lore (Magical Creatures) or Sphere Lore

(Beings from the Spheres)

  • QL 1: Kobolds are fairy-like creatures that care only for mischief.
  • QL 2: They steal children and leave their own spawn in their place. Stolen children turn to knaves in the fairy realm and keep as much mischief in mind as the kobolds.
  • QL 3+: If you learn a kobold’s True Name, you gain power over it.

Special Rules

Immediate Magical Regeneration: Kobolds can absorb magic from their surroundings, and do so automatically when casting spells. At the end of each CR, they recover 1D6 AE automatically.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 59