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Analyze Arcane Structure


Effect: This spell reveals whether an object or creature is magical, and if so, it also reveals details about the object or creature’s arcane structure. This information can be useful for a magical analysis. When performing a magical analysis, the maximum number of QL you can normally achieve with the Magical Lore (appropriate application) check is equal to the QL of the Analyze spell. For example, a spellcaster who gets a result of 3 QL with Analyze can usually achieve no more than 3 QL in the Magical Lore check (exception—see the special ability Analyst on page 214). Similarly, with a QL of 4 in Analyze, the spellcaster can normally achieve at most a QL of 4 in the Magical Lore check for the analysis, and so on. For more about conducting magical analyses, see page 268.

Casting Time: 32 Actions

AE Cost: 16 AE

Range: Touch

Duration: Immediate

Target Category: Creatures, Objects

Properties: Clairvoyance

Tradition: General

Improvement Cost: C


Publication: Core Rules page 287