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Check: SGC/INT/CON (modified by Toughness)

Effect: This spell turns one living thing into another, but the new form must be smaller and lighter. The target cannot be transformed into a magical or supernatural creature. If the change is extreme (a mammoth turned into a mouse, for example), the check suffers a penalty of up to 3. The spell can turn the target only into a creature known to the spellcaster.

The target’s mental capacities and memories remain more or less intact, but the target must use the physical abilities of the new shape. Life points and natural PRO stay the same—in other words, you cannot turn a hulking orc chieftain into a dandelion and then easily uproot him. Also, Salander does not transform equipment. When the spell duration ends, the target retains only dim memories of the time spent as an animal or plant. For more details about transformations, see Rules for Transformations, on page 258.

Casting Time: 8 Actions

AE Cost: 16 AE

Range: Touch

Duration: QL x 3 in hours

Target Category: Living Creatures

Property: Transformation

Traditions: Guild Mage

Improvement Cost: C


Publication: Core Rules page 296