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Check: SGC/INT/CON (modified by Toughness)

Effect: The target’s body stiffens and hardens. If the paralysis is complete (Level IV), the body transforms into a nearly indestructible substance without changing weight. A body transformed this way cannot be injured by non-magical weapons, fire, or falls. Those affected cannot move, feel, or hear anything, but can see within their field of vision. This spell delays the effects of poisons and diseases, granting more time to obtain treatment.

QL 1: 1 level of Paralysis, for 2 combat rounds

QL 2: 1 level of Paralysis

QL 3: 2 levels of Paralysis

QL 4: 3 levels of Paralysis

QL 5: 4 levels of Paralysis

QL 6: 4 levels of Paralysis, for twice the normal duration

Casting Time: 2 Actions

AE Cost: 8 AE

Range: 8 yards

Duration: QL x 2 in minutes

Target Category: Living Creatures

Property: Transformation

Traditions: Guild Mage

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 295