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Effect: You can pick up and move inanimate objects with your mind. Items move at a maximum speed of QL +2 yards per action, and may not weigh more than QL x 40 pounds. You must spend 1 AE per 10 pounds of weight. Other objects resting on or attached to the moving item add to its total weight. The object moves sluggishly and cannot be used to attack or parry. To prevent an item from being moved by Motoricus, whether by grabbing or pushing it, make a check using Feat of Strength (Dragging & Pulling).

Casting Time: 2 Actions

AE Cost: At least 4 AE (casting) + half of this amount per 5 minutes (you cannot use a modification on this spell’s cost)

Range: 8 yards

Duration: Sustained

Target Category: Objects

Property: Telekinesis

Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 294