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Effect: The flame flies in a straight line towards the target. You don’t have to use another action to aim once you cast the spell—aiming is included in the casting time. The target suffers 2D6 + (QL x 2) damage points, applying the target’s PRO as usual. This spell counts as a ranged attack from a missile weapon and can be blocked or dodged. Shields struck by Ignifaxius suffer structure damage. If the opponent doesn’t defend, the lance of flame hits automatically. Flammable targets are set ablaze on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6.

Casting Time: 2 Actions

AE Cost: 8 AE (you cannot use a modification on this spell’s cost)

Range: 16 yards

Duration: Immediate

Target Category: all

Property: Elemental

Traditions: Guild Mage

Improvement Cost: C


Publication: Core Rules page 293