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Effect: This spell creates an invisible dome around you that can absorb magical attacks originating from without. The spell actually creates a sphere, but since spellcasters are usually standing on the ground when using this spell, it functions more like a dome. This dome has a radius of 3 yards and a strength of AE + QL x 3. Gardianum absorbs points of spell damage equal to the dome’s strength, on a point for point basis, until the dome’s strength is reduced to zero (at which time it collapses). The dome does not ward off magical beings or magical weapons. Unabsorbed damage is dealt to the spellcaster in the normal way. The dome moves with the spellcaster, and protects everybody within its radius.

Casting Time: 1 Action

AE Cost: At least 4 AE (you cannot use a modification on this spell’s cost)

Range: Self

Duration: 5 minutes

Target Category: Zone

Property: Anti-Magic

Traditions: Guild Mage

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 291