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Effect: The spellcaster creates one or more illusory duplicates of the target that move synchronously with that individual, appearing to blend into the target and split off again. The number of duplicates depends on QL. You can create fewer duplicates than allowed, if desired.

QL 1: 1 duplicate, for 2 combat rounds

QL 2: 1 duplicate

QL 3: 2 duplicates

QL 4: 3 duplicates

QL 5: 4 duplicates

QL 6: 4 duplicates for twice the normal duration

It is not easy to determine which image is the original target creature, and close combat attacks, ranged attacks, and spells stand a good chance of hitting a duplicate instead. If an attack does hit the target, it must be parried or dodged. Duplicatus does not block area effect attacks. You can read more about illusion spells and spotting illusions on page 258.

Casting Time: 2 Actions

AE Cost: 4 AE per duplicate (2 AE if the spell check fails).

Range: Touch

Duration: QL x 3 in combat rounds

Target Category: Living Creatures

Property: Illusion

Traditions: Guild Mage

Improvement Cost: C


Hit Chance

1 Duplicate 50% (1-10 on 1D20)
2 Duplicates 33 % (1-7 on 1D20)
3 Duplicates 25 % (1-5 on 1D20)
4 Duplicates 20 % (1-4 on 1D20)



Publication: Core Rules page 290