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Effect: This basic anti-magic spell impairs all kinds of magic in a radius of QL x 2 yards around the spellcaster. It does so by issuing vibrations that disrupt surrounding arcane patterns, imposing a penalty (based on QL—see below) on all checks for spells and rituals either cast in the area or taking effect there. Disruptivo affects your own spells, as well. Before casting, you must declare whether the zone will move with you or remain stationary.

QL 1: Penalty -1

QL 2: Penalty -2

QL 3: Penalty -3

QL 4: Penalty -4

QL 5: Penalty -5

QL 6: Penalty -6

Casting Time: 8 Actions

AE Cost: 8 AE (casting) + 4 AE per 5 minutes

Range: Self

Duration: Sustained

Target Category: Zone

Property: Anti-Magic

Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 289