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Check: COU/INT/CHA (modified by Spirit)

Effect: This friendship spell, which was developed by the elves, creates feelings of sympathy and friendship toward the caster. The exact effects depend on the target’s feelings for the caster beforehand, but basically the connection between target and caster improves by one level per QL (minimum of one level). If the target and caster don’t already know each other, the starting level is usually somewhere between 4 (Dislike) and 6 (Sympathy), though advantages like Good Looks and disadvantages like Prejudice can also affect this first impression.

Level 1: The target hates the spellcaster.

Level 2: The target is the spellcaster’s enemy.

Level 3: The target despises the spellcaster.

Level 4: The target has some mild dislike for the spellcaster.

Level 5: The target feels neutral about the spellcaster.

Level 6: The target feels some sympathy towards the spellcaster.

Level 7: The target feels trust and friendship for the spellcaster.

Level 8: The target feels strong loyalty towards the spellcaster.

Level 9: The target is smitten with the spellcaster (but won’t die for the relationship).

Bannbaladin has no effect on the target’s memory. When the spells ends, the target remembers feelings and actions. The target might even notice the spell while it’s in use, but this has no effect on the target’s new attitude. Your actions can affect the target’s attitude towards you.

Casting Time: 4 Actions

AE Cost: 8 AE

Range: 4 yards

Duration: QL x 3 in minutes

Target Category: Intelligent Creatures, Supernatural Creatures

Property: Influence

Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules 288